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You Can Make $50,000 A Month Working Just 50 Minutes A Day!  

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  Permanently Advertise Any Opportunity To Millions and Millions Every Day - FREE! Submit Millions Of Ads Daily With Just The Click Of A Button
  • Professional  website design
  • Professional graphics
  • Custom coded, automated sales acceptance
  • These websites takes the orders, record the transactions, and complete the orders automatically 
  • You earn 100% from every single sale.
  • No selling.  The site does it all for you.
  • These sites are created to be time efficient.  They make a perfect home business for someone with very little free time. All you have to do is send traffic to the site and traffic tools to get your site seen are included
  • Your AutomaticPayDay Site Is High Profit!



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The Business:
This a full fledged, turnkey, internet business, designed to sell monthly memberships to your site, which gives your customers all the tools they will need to brings real visitors to their website, blasts ads, sends emails, promote websites to millions daily and accelerate their businesses.  This is a product that virtually every website online needs and is looking for.  That's because every website needs visitors, and your AutomaticPayDay site will bring the visitors to them with the click of a button!  This is red hot, and people will beg to pay you for this service month after month!

Your customers will gladly pay you every month to maintain their membership to your valuable website.  Their payments will be automatically and instantly deposited to your bank account.  You never bill anyone, because it's all automatic, and you will earn monthly lifelong recurring income from your customers.  This is income that will build exponentially.  This is income which you can withdraw from anywhere in the world, instantly!  No waiting for paychecks anymore!

Complete automation really makes the difference.  You don't have to worry about stocking inventory, processing orders, taking credit cards, or wasting your valuable time on mundane tasks.  It's all handled by technology.

All you need to do is:
1. Promote Your  Site - promotion tools included
2. Watch Your Money Grow!

That's it! If you can do these 2 simple things, you WILL Make Money!


Currently, most prices are set up to automatically collect $29.95 from your customers per month. You can change this to any amount you wish. Remember, you will Keep 100% of each and every single sale!  Every payment your site collects is automatically and instantly deposited into your bank account.  That means NO WAITING FOR PAYCHECKS!  The chart below will show calculated monthly earnings on sales. Remember, you will Keep 100% of each and every single purchase!   The chart below shows monthly earnings calculated on a number of sales. As with any business, your earnings are directly related to your own efforts, and guaranteed income is not implied. You may make more or less than the figures below.  These figures are mere estimates.

Let's assume your site will sell the average of the industry, 15 sales every day.  Your cash income will be:

5 Sales per Day Your Monthly Cash Income
1st month $13,477.50
2nd month $26,955.00
3rd month $40,432.50
4th month $53,910.00

Think about it, in just 4 months you can be making nearly $54,000.00 and growing daily!


As you can tell the profit potential is high for this type of site but even if you only sold half of what the above chart shows, that would still be an extra $26,955.00 a month! Want a new home, a car or great family vacation? It can be within your reach very soon!

Free hosting is available.  Domain names are not included with the package to allow you complete freedom to select the perfect domain name for you.  This means, you don't need to worry about domain transfers either. 


Operational Costs:
The operating expenses for this business are very low. The only cost you will incur is your site hosting/domain fee, that is only if you choose fee based hosting. 


Website/Server Maintenance:
As soon as your email address is put in the site, the site runs itself and requires no manual intervention on your part. The membership purchases are fully automated and do not require hand processing.  Cash payments are instantly and automatically deposited into your bank account.  No more waiting for paychecks!  To boost sales, we suggest you promptly answer emails which may reach you regarding your site.  Your customers and potential customers will remain loyal as you do.  You are free to edit or customize the layout, change graphics, change prices anyway you wish.  The site is yours!
Bonus Info:
Bonus #1 Over $1,497.00 worth of software to promote your website and business to millions daily.
Bonus #2 We give valuable and high demand Free Vacations & $500.00 in entertainment benefits  to each of your customers when you order the Survey Website, the Paid To Shop Website and/or the Free-Cash/Grants Website.  These incentives really pull sales.  You pay nothing for these profit pulling incentives, and we do all the fulfillment and distribution of these incentives for you.  No additional cost to you, no additional effort for you.                                                                                                                                                         Bonus #3    Receive a FREE Vacation for yourself plus $500.00 in entertainment benefits.  Vacation is for 3 days, 2 nights at your choice of 23 fantastic destinations.  $20.00 processing fee shipping, handling fee.  Reservations must be made 60 days in advance and used within one year.                                                  

The key to success is to have a high demand products that virtually sells itself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and We supply you this type of product!

There isn't a better time then now to start living your life the way you want! There also isn't a better opportunity available! Work from home starting today.  The best internet job available.  No more boss. 

Don't you owe it to yourself and your family to start earning a great income online? Wouldn't you rather be spending your time with your loved ones, playing golf or anything else besides doing the daily grind of working 9-5 barely making ends meet?  Make money now. 

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Note: You will be forwarded to the fast and secure server of our payment processor. You can choose to pay either by credit card, or an online check. You will only be charged once and never again.


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