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Hardly lift a finger and...

You Can Make $50,000 A Month Working Just 50 Minutes A Day!  

Would you like to make over $5,000 a month? How about $1,000 a day?
 How about over $3,600 a day?


Dear Friend,

If you have 50 minutes a day, you can turn it into $50,000 a month.  It's that simple!  

How Do I Know?  I know because I make $50,000 a month working just 50 minutes a day.  And I'm not the only one doing it.  With my AutomaticPayDay system, I've helped countless people out of financial desperation.  My proven turnkey system does not require any special computer skills.  You don't need a college degree, and you don't need any special talents either.  Everyday people just like you are earning Millions of Dollars on the internet! Many of these people are earning Six Figures from their home working just a few hours a week!

Let me tell you a little about myself.  About 7 years ago I found myself  head over heels in debt.  I was working 14 hours a day, and my husband was working 16 hours a day.  My wage was a  pitiful $8 an hour.  I shopped at thrift stores because I couldn't even afford to buy new shoes for my kids.  I used to wonder how some people have more money and more free time than I thought I would ever get to see.  Deep inside I knew there had to be a better way.  And I was absolutely right!

You know, the time has truly and finally arrived... when... it is actually possible to become a multi-millionaire while laying on a beach or cruise ship with nothing but a laptop PC, a modem and a cell phone!

That was the motivation that prompted me to develop my amazing AutomaticPayday system.  It was my one way ticket out of financial desperation.   Once I got out,  I never looked back. 

Now I make hundreds even thousands of dollars a day and I hardly lift a finger.  I've been successful in this for 6 years!  And I continue to help countless people do the very same thing, regardless of their background.  It's truly amazing.

I've paid off my credit cards and now I'm buying a new house.  I can't thank you enough!”



I actually quit my job because with AutomaticPayDay, I don't need it anymore, thanks



"Just a short message to say thank you for the AutomaticPayDay system. One word will describe everything. OUTSTANDING! Anyone wanting to make money online should get this system.  Again, thanks for the excellent website and business that really pulls cash fast."

David L.


"I have really been struggling...trying to earn money online for years.  I've been scammed plenty.  Everything I tried before got me nowhere...I nearly gave up when it came across Automaticpayday.com  instant cash system.   Within the first week, my bank account started to receive cash payments.  I did practically nothing, just sent visitors to my site, and in came the money.  Outstanding.  It sure feels good!"

Barbara P.


“AutomaticPayDay allowed me to pay for my cruise vacation up front with cash.  And while I was traveling in other countries during my vacation, I was able to withdraw the money I was making, instantly, just like you said!”



How would you like to make over $5,000 a month? How about $1,000 a day? How about over $3,600 a day

You may not even make $3,600 a month right now, let alone $3,600 a day, but get ready because that's about to change.   I'm not going to show you how to make $3,600 a day.  Instead, I'm going to give you a real turnkey business on the internet that is proven and ready to go, so you can start making money right now, immediately,  not months from now.  All you do is type where you want payments sent and  click a button or two and you're in business. Sound simple?  It is!

This is the same system, using the same tools, with which I make money every day.  It allowed me to quit my job years ago.  

This is better than anything else online.  You don't have to hire anyone to create anything.  You don't have to talk to anyone.  In fact, you can be completely anonymous if you want.  You don't have to buy, stock or ship products.  I've developed AutomaticPayDay to be fully automated and 99% of the work is done for you. 

You are in complete control of your business. There's no boss, no quotas, no selling, no rejection.  People will come to you.  In fact, they will search you out and beg to pay you month after month!  Yes, they keep paying you because the products are that good and in that much demand. 

And the cash comes directly to you, instantly. No Waiting for a paycheck.

This is real cash, that you can withdraw from anywhere world wide, instantly!  That means you can go on vacation, have the money to prepay for it in cash, and while you are on your vacation, you will still make be making money, and you'll be able to withdraw that money anywhere you go so you can spend it immediately, anyway you want.

Operate from anywhere.  Get paid from anywhere.

Get paid instantly.  No waiting for paychecks.

This is Real Steady Income!

Withdraw your earnings instantly.  Withdraw from anywhere worldwide

  • The job is simple
  • The pay is outstanding
  • It's instantly profitable
  • It gives you an income for life

Need Proof? 

Over $117,178.00   Earnings In Just  3 ½ Months

pay period  credits   debits   bonus   release  balance   reserve
========== ========= ======== ======= ======== ========= ========
    01-01  $4566.69  $545.08   $4.90 $1967.16  $5391.80  $599.37
    12-16  $7110.86  $960.33  $12.00  $522.04  $6013.61  $668.46
    12-01  $9278.01 $1254.48   $5.30   $81.34  $7296.65  $811.02
    11-16 $16407.25 $1824.48   $3.50   $10.02 $13134.16 $1459.63
    11-01 $25458.45 $2561.00  $11.30    $7.25 $20621.90 $2291.60
    10-16 $32760.90 $2524.10  $27.00    $0.00 $27234.92 $3026.38
    10-01 $21595.68 $1974.40  $50.30    $0.00 $17701.92 $1967.16

This shows I am "living proof" that the AutomaticPayDay system really works, because  I'm living it every single day.   In less than 4 months I achieved the ultimate Internet Home Business "fantasy" of making a lot of money from a simple AutomaticPayDay website that runs itself virtually on complete autopilot . I banked over $117,178.00 in just 3 ½ short months working part-time from my home .  

Automated Ordering, Payment, and Delivery To
Make Your Business 'Hands Free'"

My simple system turns every day into your very own Automatic Payday,  even if you didn't show up for work!  The system requires no experience, no contacting people, no selling,  no bookkeeping,  no overhead, no inventory, no shipping, no quotas, no boss, no HTML skills needed, unlimited income, easy to operate,  earn 24/7 even while you  play and sleep, enjoy an instant cash flow deposited automatically and directly into your bank account immediately as payments are received.  Withdraw instant cash earnings from anywhere in the world!   Work from home.  Make money.  Finally!  NO WAITING FOR PAYCHECKS!!!   Plus you are paid 100% from every sale.  This is an all profit business!    Now it's your turn to enjoy life, and the rewards of owning a REAL income generating all cash internet business. 

The AutomaticPayDay ready made, turnkey system, really makes money because it offers high demand products and services. What products, you ask?  Click here for details.  Plus, you are paid automatically by your customers month after month.  No billing, no record keeping required.  It's all automatic.  Your income will build exponentially.  What makes this system even more revolutionary is that it comes with:

  • Built in lead system
  • Built in advertising system
  • Built in marketing & promotion system
  • Built in search engine placement
  • Built in email marketing - send email ads to millions with just one click
  • Built in customer incentives
  • Uses 1 click technology which puts you light years head

You receive 100% from every sale.   These sites are professionally designed, full fledged internet businesses ready to take cash orders on ultra high demand items.  And remember, you can withdraw your earnings instantly, from anywhere in the world, any day of the week!  There is nothing else like it!!

In A Few Minutes, You’ll Have Everything 
You Need To Turn 50 Minutes a Day Into $50,000 A Month!

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