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Sell Guaranteed Websites Traffic!  only $49.99

Traffic Sells Like CRAZY!!


Sell the most NECESSARY service on the internet, TRAFFIC!  Web traffic is the most vital element for any business or website to succeed on the internet. 

Sample Screen Shot Of One Of The Many Traffic Sites Included In This Package...

Monthly Income Estimates

Weekly Sales
Monthly Revenue In 9 Months
10,000 Visitors
Weekly Sales
1st Month's Revenue
10,000 Visitors
25,000 Visitors
50,000 Visitors
100,000 Visitors
Among the many other traffic sites we are giving you, you'll own  a private "members only" site for  guaranteed website traffic! All of your members have monthly access to a GUARANTEED TRAFFIC to their websites, every single month.   This site could make you  a fortune! Each of your members is automatically billed their membership fee  every month!  Membership fees vary depending on the traffic package the members subscribed to.  Subscription package sizes range from 10,000 to 1,000,000.   As soon as you receive a membership fee, or a renewal fee, you simply purchase the amount of traffic ordered from the traffic wholesaler, then credit the member's account according to their subscription.  It's very simple.  The wholesaler who we've made arrangements with gives you below wholesale costs, starting at 1.50 CPM base price; which can't be beat for this type of targeted traffic.  These are real visitors delivered via redirects from abandoned domains with traffic on them.  This traffic does not come from worn out campaigns using useless pop unders. You can even decide how much you want to charge your members.  As the owner of this site, YOU DO NOT PAY MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEES!!  REMEMBER!  YOU COLLECT AND KEEP THE MEMBERSHIP FEES!!   There is nothing else like it.

The other traffic sites included in this package sell traffic too, but your customers do not need to become a member to order.  They can simply order when and however often they need.

Now here's your opportunity to make a this kind of money! This site is all set up and ready to take orders.  All you need to do, is insert where you want your customers to send you the money!

We Provide You With:

- A professionally designed e-commerce website, ready to take orders, right now.  Plus hundreds more site templates allowing you to mix and match and create a whole new look and feel of your website, if you wish

  • Fully-operational website, very easy to run:   a complete money-making business
  • You will have a free reseller account for traffic from the best traffic supplier, allowing you to compete with the  big boys!  Your price for traffic is way below wholesale, so you can leave your competition in the dust!  This supplier only offers the best, most effective type of traffic; redirects from abandoned domains!!  Very few providers even offer this type of highly effective traffic, assuring you plenty of repeat business because of its effectiveness.
  • Receive cash immediately as you earn it.  No waiting for paychecks.  You collect the money directly from the customer, and it is immediately and automatically deposited into your bank account. 
  • Solid business model under a proven concept
  • Professionally developed, user-friendly website
  • Effective design optimized for top search engine placement.
  • You are free to change the site as you wish.  Even charge what ever prices you want to sell the products.

Hosting  Free hosting is available.  Domain names are not included with the package to allow you complete freedom to select the perfect domain name for you.  This means, you don't need to worry about domain transfers either. 

Operational Costs:  The operating expenses for these sites are very low. The only cost you will incur is your site hosting/domain fee, that is only if you choose fee based hosting.  

Website/Server Maintenance:  As soon as your email address is put in the site, the site runs itself and requires no manual intervention on your part. The membership purchases are fully automated and do not require hand processing.  Cash payments are instantly and automatically deposited into your bank account.  No more waiting for paychecks!  To boost sales, we suggest you promptly answer emails which may reach you regarding your site.  Your customers and potential customers will remain loyal as you do.  You are free to edit or customize the layout, change graphics, change prices anyway you wish.  The site is yours!

Unlimited Access To Our Site Owner Members Area:  As a site owner you will have unlimited access to our site owner area.  You will be able to have instant access to all downloads, templates, codes, scripts, marketing tools, instructions, tips and tools, whenever you want. 

But Wait... There's Even More

Obviously, what you've seen so far is pretty impressive on its own. But there's even more to each powerful package. 

Basic Software Package - Tons Of Marketing Software: I'm including hundreds of dollars worth of software to promote your website and business to millions daily.

Here's a quick overview of some of the very powerful website promotion software I'm giving you to help make your sites even more profitable:

Blast your email message to thousands every day, free!  Includes email blaster, ezine blaster, safelist software, subscriber software and more.  All spam free.  All opt in.  
Generate over 1000 guaranteed visitors to your website every hour, free.  
Sell your excess web traffic for huge profit!  This is HOT  
Create websites, ebooks, banners, scripts and more, instantly and FREE.  Sell for profit.  
Get on the top search engines, free. Includes search engine blaster software, too.  

Plus...Bonus Website Templates:  I'm also including loads of easy to use, easy to install website templates, to mix and match or change your page, for a fresh feel, or to expand your website empire.  So, if you feel like changing the look and feel of your site, it's a snap.  Great mix and match capabilities.  This remarkable bonus also includes hundreds of banner templates.

Plus...10,000 Visitors To Your Site(s) GUARANTEED!! We'll send you 10,000 free guaranteed visitors to your website.  This offer will not last long, so be sure to take advantage today and order now!!


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How much does hosting cost?
A. Free hosting is available.

Q. How many visitors can members get monthly?
A. Members can get  as many as 1 million visitors per month.  They select the package they need, based on their advertising budget.

Q. Where does the traffic come from?
A. We've arranged for you to have a free reseller account allowing you below wholesale prices on the most effective traffic available online!  The reseller account is valued at $49.99, but you get it free through us!  This traffic provider send the highest quality traffic available for the lowest prices.  They do not use worn out campaigns using pop unders!  Such campaigns have proven to be highly ineffective and very intrusive for the surfer's online experience.  Instead, the traffic you will be selling is delivered via redirects from abandoned domains with traffic on them.  This traffic is highly targeted and proven to be highly effective and far less intrusive.    You never have to pay for traffic until after you've already received a membership fee, or renewal fee.  Billing is all automatic!  And the best part is, your customers never know who you've purchased the traffic from. 

Q. How much work is involved?
A. The site involves no maintenance.  You simply collect the cash orders, buy the below wholesale traffic, then credit your member's accounts accordingly.  You keep the profit.   That's about it.

Q. How much money will I make?
A. This depends on you.  You decide how much you want to charge your members for each package.  Or, you can keep it set where we have it.  It's up to you. 

Q. Do I have to pay a transfer fee for the domain?
A. We allow you to select your domain name which suits you, and register it yourself.  We do not register or transfer domain names.    

Q. Do I need to know HTML to run this site? What skills do I need?
A. You don't need to know HTML. The only thing you need to know is how to upload the files. It is simple and the free bonus videos included in the 'Internet Empires Package" which we'll send to you, will show you how. 

Q. How much time is required to run this site?
A. We suggest 2-4 hours per day.  You could spend more or less... it depends on how much money you want to make.

Q. Do I need a merchant account?
A. No, You do not need a merchant account.  All of your customer's payments are processed via Paypal, and rebilling is done automatically.


Get Your Own Traffic Sales Site Today, Which Pumps Out Huge Monthly Income For You!!

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